Strengthening Canada’s workforce one lad at a time

Lad /læd/ noun a reliable worker, regardless of age and gender About the lads

We bring in top talent from around the world to fill in the gaps for Canada’s construction industry.

We don’t just “do” labour. We make sure our lads settle in comfortably and feel part of our community. Our lads bring passion and a can-do attitude to their work everyday.

  • Recruitment

    We recruit directly from overseas utilizing our network and knowledge.

  • Expertise

    We offer benefits and immigration advice to attract the best workers.

  • Opportunities

    We provide opportunities for growth and fun, like sports teams, language training, and discounts on work gear.

Supporting over 2000 lads to date, and counting.


If you’re looking to find an awesome career with great people and loads of opportunities, you’ve come to the right place.

Loved by lads, trusted by clients

Just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job at hiring labour. I’m glad I decided to work with your lads, it’s great how easy your processes are, the lads are very reliable and hardworking and I’ve never had any problems at all.

Geoff R.

Project Manager, Ledcor

Have had only positive experiences working with A Few Good Lads! Matt and the team are professional, responsive, and treat their team with care.

Shelby Clerihue

HR Director, Kindred Construction

A Few Good Lads consistently surpass expectations with their exceptional labor services. Their workforce epitomizes punctuality, dedication, and the ability to accomplish tasks efficiently. Supported by a proactive office team, they consistently provide skilled workers well-versed in construction processes. Working with them is an absolute delight, as they make it a seamless and productive experience.

Stuart Butcher

CSO, VanMar Constructors

Helpful advice from the lads