Discover a World of Trades Expertise with A Few Good Lads

At A Few Good Lads, we understand the pivotal role that a diverse and specialized workforce plays in the success of any construction project. Our roster is not just broad; it’s meticulously curated to meet the industry’s highest standards. From the robust hands-on skills of tradespeople to the sharp analytical minds of engineers, our candidates are equipped to tackle projects of any scale and complexity.

Trades Specialists

Our tradespeople are the backbone of the physical construction process. Whether you need the precision of carpenters and glaziers or the technical expertise of electricians and plumbers, A Few Good Lads ensures every professional stepping onto your site is not only skilled but also holds the necessary certifications and permits to operate in Canada. This includes a range of talents from formwork carpenters who shape the skeleton of your structures to drywallers who give interiors their final, polished look.

Engineering Experts

The success of complex construction projects often rests on the shoulders of our engineers. A Few Good Lads provides access to some of the finest minds in the industry, including civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers. Each brings a wealth of knowledge and a proactive approach to ensure sustainability and safety in every project phase, from design to completion.

Operational and Supervisory Roles

For those who ensure that project sites function smoothly and efficiently, we offer seasoned crane operators, hoist operators, and welders, alongside strategic roles such as site superintendents and construction project managers. These roles are crucial for maintaining high standards and meeting project deadlines with precision.

Exclusive Access to Our Candidate Board

We invite you to explore the full potential of our workforce. By signing up to access our exclusive candidate board, you gain the ability to browse through qualified candidates by trade and position, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project needs. All our candidates are pre-screened and come fully equipped with the required certifications and work permits if they are from abroad.
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