How to find reliable workers for construction jobs in Vancouver

With Canada’s construction labor shortage and cost of living on the rise, finding reliable, dependable, and skilled tradespeople in Vancouver can be a difficult task. Whether you’re overseeing a project, managing a team, or handling recruitment, assembling a dependable workforce is no small feat.

So what are some ways you can find reliable construction workers in this hiring environment?

Let’s explore some strategies that can help you find the right talent:

Job Boards Revisited

While job boards like Indeed, Craigslist, and Kijiji used to be reliable sources, they’ve become saturated with all types of workers seeking employment. While you might still find skilled tradespeople there, it can be time consuming and often requires sifting through numerous applicants. An alternative to traditional job boards is our exclusive and vetted candidate board with hundreds of qualified candidates that have been screened by our hiring team. Access our Qualified Candidate Board.

BuildEx Vancouver

Referral Programs

Implementing a referral program within your company can incentivize your existing workforce to recommend qualified candidates. Offering bonuses or other rewards for successful hires can encourage employees to tap into their networks and refer reliable workers.

Employee Development Programs

Investing in employee development programs, such as training sessions, certifications, or apprenticeship programs, can attract motivated individuals seeking career advancement opportunities. By offering opportunities for skill development and career progression, you can attract and retain reliable workers.

Network With Peers

Collaborate with other contractors and project managers. They may have skilled workers available temporarily or know where to find reliable talent. Additionally, they might share their own successful recruitment methods, providing valuable insights.

Construction Trade Shows and Expos

Participating in or attending trade shows and expos related to construction can expose you to a wide range of skilled workers and potential hires. These events often feature demonstrations, networking sessions, and recruitment opportunities. Our favorite trade show in Vancouver is the BuildEx Vancouver. This is a great opportunity to connect with candidates and other business professionals throughout Canada’s construction industry.

Let A Few Good Lads find the reliable construction workers in Vancouver, Toronto and Kelowna for you

While these are great methods for finding local talent, they can also take up a lot of your time and resources. If you’re tired of trying to find reliable workers in today’s job market then let us find the right workers for you. We ensure that all our lads have the right training and skills to make a positive impact on your team. We’ll match your requirements with qualified candidates so you can avoid sifting through stacks of resumes from under qualified applicants. We offer long and short term hires. Whether you need to fill a permanent role or just looking for some extra hands for your next project we’ve got you covered. You can always test if our lads are a good fit for your team by hiring them for a temporary position before bringing them on full time. We guarantee that we’ll connect you with the right people for all roles and projects. In conclusion, while each method has its limitations, persistence and creativity can lead to success in finding reliable construction workers in Vancouver. So why not explore different avenues and see where they take you? Connect with the A Few Good Lads team today to chat about our labour solutions.

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